Situated nearby the Euston station, The Great Nepalese Restaurant was set up in 1982 to bring the food of the famed Himalayans. Its founder, MR. GP Manandhar together with his sons over the years mastered the art of carefully blending herbs and spices to give one's taste buds the best food experience.

The ambience is set to offer a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

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Masco-Bara Deep- fried lentil pancakes - 2 pieces served with curry sauce. 4.50
Aloo Jeera (Potatoes with cumin seeds) 3.75
Vegetable Momo 4.50
Kalezo Ra Chyau Chicken liver with mushroom and onion. 4.75
Chicken Pakora Topped with home - made tomato pickle. 4.75
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